Charcoal for Agriculture

Nara Tanka Industries’ soil improvement charcoal is made from virgin materials.
No recycled charcoal is included.

Charcoal includes a good balance of inorganic components and minerals such as calcium and magnesium, making it ideal for soil improvement.

The porous structure of charcoal provides space to promote the proliferation of beneficial microorganisms. A particular feature of refined hardwood carbon is its alkaline nature. Such charcoal can act as a “skin” for soil, suppressing excessive oxidation, and the PH balancing effect of charcoal on the soil can act as a catalyst promoting the growth of greenhouse plants and crops.

In addition, given the fine, porous structure of the charcoal, it has various other effects such as adsorption, water retention, fertilization, permeability and breathability, etc.


Soil Improvement Charcoal Attracting Serious Expectations and Attention


Charcoal is attracting attention as one of the best means of improving soil, with soil contamination due to chemical fertilizers and pesticide, etc., becoming a problem. As mentioned above, soil improvement charcoal is a natural material that is suitable for applications such as improving the soil for crops and plants, etc.

Nara Tanka Industries has long had a focus on the soil improvement function of charcoal. We have developed optimal soil improvement charcoal products for various applications, including organic farming, golf courses, horticulture and gardening, etc. We make proposals for a smarter approach for people living together with nature using “the power of charcoal.”

We manufacture soil improvement charcoal for various conditions

Those involved in the greening and conservation industry must select optimal fertilizers and soil conditioners while considering cultivation, seedling varieties, soil environment and existing fixtures, etc.
Naturally, in addition to stable quality, the required soil improvement charcoal differs depending on the target cultivation (nurturing) method and variety of environment (including soil, owned equipment and target area).

Our company produces and supplies soil improvement charcoal that meets various demands for rice and vegetable crops, and trees (fruit trees, tree plantings, etc.).