Nara Tanka “Declaration of Trustworthiness”

1. Safe and Trusted

Nara Tanka Industries has a philosophy of “safe and trusted,” using no building waste, which may contain chemical substances.

2. Effective for the blessings of the forest

We continue our efforts in our carbonization business towards forest conservation, thinning for the protection of environmental health, and maximizing the effective use of blessed forest resources.

3. Leading to an improved environment…

Therefore, it would make us truly happy to know that these materials are used effectively in applications that protect you and the environment.

4. We wait your suggestions

We are currently focused on the development of new products using carbonized materials for the purpose of “creating a beautiful environment and safety for future generations.”

It is our hope that we can take some of your wisdom and reflect this in producing better products as a charcoal manufacturer that works to “create a better environment.”

We are proud to be an organization focused on the manufacture of charcoal but we have not taken full advantage of all of the new possibilities for charcoal. Indeed, there may be areas that we have yet to recognize due to our intense focus as experts in the field.

When thinking about the applications of charcoal as a material, the possibilities are endless.

We are looking forward to making use of this natural material in a wide range of applications.
We believe that with your cooperation we will be able to produce even better charcoal products in the future.

Nara Tanka Industries Co., Ltd.