Bamboo Charcoal Powder

Bamboo charcoal powder is a food additive product. It has many applications in food, beauty and health care.

Bamboo charcoal is produced by carbonizing moso bamboo at more than 800 degrees.
If you take a look at a cross section of a piece of bamboo charcoal, you will see that there are countless small holes in it.

These countless small holes purify by absorbing impurities and harmful substances that are the source of dirt and odors.
The power of these countless small holes is also said to bring about antibacterial, moisture proofing, deodorant effects, and also far-infrared effects.

Bamboo charcoal is processed to be ultra-fine (10 microns), so it is both tasteless and odorless and doesn’t affect texture.

Bamboo Charcoal Powder — Examples of Uses

Food Beauty and health care Life and environment
Soba, udon, pasta and other noodles Shampoos, body soaps Charcoal sheets
Cookies, Japanese sweets Face soaps, face packs Filters, paints, deodorants
Castella and other cakes Soaps, toothbrushes, hairbrushes
Yogurts and other dairy products Masks, eye masks, etc.

Applicable Usage Amounts

Eat as about 0.5-1% of food ingredients, or roughly 0.5 g at a time.
Use appropriate amounts with shampoos and rinses.
*Quality control and hygiene management is guaranteed (additive manufacturing license granted).

Pesticide Residue Analysis

Bamboo Charcoal Powder

Based on the Food Sanitation Act, which was revised by the Partial Amendment to the Food Sanitation Act in May 2003 (Act No. 55 of 2003), laws and regulations related to a positive list system (a system that in principle prohibits the sale of food with agricultural chemicals remaining in it) for pesticides, feed additives and veterinary drugs (“agricultural chemicals”) were issued. This was enforced from May 29, 2006.

Product Introduction

10 Micron Bamboo Charcoal Powder 500 g

Bamboo charcoal powder is edible
Bamboo charcoal powder is 10 microns in size
500 g bag (in an aluminum bag with seal)

10 Micron Bamboo Charcoal Powder 1 kg

Bamboo charcoal powder is edible
Bamboo charcoal powder is 10 microns in size
1 kg bag (in an aluminum bag with seal)

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