Carbon Burial

Natural materials that are “environmentally friendly.” We are engaged in various businesses utilizing charcoal.

What is Carbon Burial?

A technique that adjusts the electrical potential difference of the earth, utilizing the electrical conductivity of carbon to control disturbed ground currents. Various effects from carbon burial have been confirmed.

Effects of Carbon Burial

Feel tired no longer!

Increased negative ions alter the potential difference of the body, providing energy and activating bodily functions such as the brain, nerves and blood circulation, causing them to gradually recover.

Reduce Bad Odors and Moisture!

The deodorizing effect of lowering the absolute humidity below floors can cut off bad odors and clear the air, creating comfortable spaces as a measure against sick house syndrome.

Reduce Fuel Consumption!

Increase the combustion efficiency of indoor fuels, neutralizing harmful gases generated during combustion.

Also reduces the power required for refrigeration.

Cool Summers and Warm Winters!

Keeps room temperatures uniform and improves air conditioning efficiency, allowing minimal heating in the winter and less cooling in the summer.


Repel Pests such as Cockroaches and White Ants!

Prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and promotes the life of good bacteria, preventing pests such as cockroaches and white ants.

Improve the Durability of Houses!

When the electromagnetic field increases, the durability of houses also increases, increasing the preservation of furniture, equipment and even grocery items.

Brighten Plants!

Continue the vigorous youthful growth of garden plants and trees, etc., year by year with fewer pests.

Effect of Carbon Burial for Food Processing Plants, Cafeterias, Supermarkets and Textile Factories

Raw materials and food products, etc., used at processing plants, warehouses and refrigerators, etc. Reduces deterioration due to oxidation and improves the quality, product and storage stability.

(Effectiveness may differ depending on individual circumstances and living environment)

To fully demonstrate the effect of carbon burial, it is necessary to bury carbon that is suitable for the soil. Nara Tanka Industries supplies high temperature carbonized charcoal for carbon burial.