Snow Melting Charcoal

  • Developed for the purpose of reducing the time and effort for snow removal/ice melting in freezing regions
  • Charcoal is effective for melting ice and snow. The particles are a fine powder which can just be rinsed away with water after melting ice and snow.
  • Can be used with a power sprayer.
  • The pH level of the product is high, at 9.3, and it absorbs heat.
  • It doesn’t adversely affect crops or lawns, etc.

How to Use
Please use by spraying directly or diluting with water.

Product Introduction


Green Tanso (Carbon) No. 1

Specification Powder of 1 mm or less
Quantity 25 L/15 kg
Features Heavy specific gravity
Machine spraying
Features From about 30 g for 0.5 L/m2
Carbonization Temp. From 800°C
Usage Method Please use by spraying directly or diluting with water.
スミパック (ヤシガラ微粉炭)

Sumi (Charcoal) Pack

Specification Powder of 0.05 mm or less
Quantity 5 kg
Features Ultra-fine activated charcoal
Spraying with a power sprayer
(Can be used with a sprayer nozzle of 0.1 mm or more)
Features From 20 g for 0.5 L/m2
Carbonization Temp. From 500℃
Usage Method Please use by spraying directly or diluting with water.

The charcoal has the properties of being black and therefore able to absorb solar heat, and when charcoal powder is spread on the ground it raises the surface temperature by an average of 7.4 to 7.6 degrees.

If charcoal is used on farmland as a material for melting snow in cold regions, increased yields can be expected. It can also be used for snow melting measures on golf course lawns and general household gardens.

Green Tanso No. 1 has 93% or more fixed carbon from high temperature carbonization (the same white coal as Ubamegashi charcoal) and has excellent heat absorption.

Sumi pack is a powdered charcoal of up to 0.05 mm. It can be used with atomizer nozzles of 0.1 mm or more.

We make charcoal, based on the effective use of resources.

Charcoal has been used for soil improvement purposes all over the world since ancient times. As can be seen in “slash and burn agricultural methods,” charcoal was an accepted part of the “wisdom of life” by ancient peoples. However, today slash and burn methods are a problem in some countries due to deforestation. This is because the slash and burn method of soil improvement involves the wasteful and excessive burning of natural resources, as well as badly impacting the environment with its accompanying CO2 emissions.

Thus, charcoal has been effective as a soil improvement agent in place of slash and burn methods.

We at Nara Tanka Industries will meet your needs as a charcoal production company.
Much of the charcoal produced by Nara Tanka Industries is refined from chipped wood from thinned forests at high-pressure compression. We make efficient use of branches, in addition to trunks, making the process environmentally friendly and an effective use of resources.

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Indian ink for melting snow
A popular ink used as a snow melting agent. 18 L capacity.

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